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It takes "wisdom" to build a house!

When it comes to building a house, it is imperative that the person in charge of the work crew knows exactly what they are doing. They should have the proper training, skills, and "knowledge" on how to build a house successfully. Otherwise, you may find yourself living in a glorified shack instead of your "dream home."

In Proverbs 24:3, we're told that by wisdom is a house built, and by understanding is it established. The word "house" here can refer to a physical house, a family, or a dynasty. While it is true that it takes wisdom to build a physical structure or to produce wealth, it also takes wisdom to develop human relationships. Wisdom throughout the book of Proverbs is understood to be the skill of living a Godly life according to the way in which God intended man to live. Therefore, if we want our family relationships to prosper, then our families must be built by the wisdom which comes from God himself. This wisdom is found only in the word of God.

Now, if it true that wisdom builds a house, then it is also true that folly destroys it (Prov. 14:1). Oh, how true this is for many families. Perhaps your family has suffered because of sinful actions and foolish choices. You may know all too well the consequences of mom and dad choosing not to build the family according the wisdom of God. Sure, its easy to take an old beat up house and give it a nice "face lift" on the outside, but the real problem is beneath the surface. The foundation is cracked and the beams are crumbling. In the same way, a family may "seem" to have it all together on the outside, but in private, there is chaos and heart ache because they refuse to live life the way God intended for them. They refuse to live by God's wisdom, and foolishly build the home according to their own plan, living life however they wish.

If this is true for you then take encouragement from these verses. For not only is a house (family) built by wisdom (vs. 3), but its rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches (vs. 4). More than referring to material wealth, this is referring to the beauty of healthy family relationships. When family relationships are functioning in the way that God intended, we find that there is great blessing, joy, and fulfillment for all members. There is a genuine love that exist between each person, as each individual seeks to do all that they can to serve, encourage, and protect the others. Above all, their is a stability to the family that will enable them to weather the storms of life that are sure to come. They will enjoy an enriching life together as the Holy Spirit fills the "rooms" of their souls with peace, grace, and comfort.

Final thought! The book of Proverbs is all about gaining wisdom for life. True wisdom is more than just puffed up knowledge. It is living according to the statues and commands of the Lord. Wisdom is taking God's instructions and applying them to your life. In Eph. 4:1, born again believers are challenged to "walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which they have been called." As Christians, we are not only called to an everlasting hope of salvation, but to a life of obedience and good works. We are only worthy because of our position in Christ, and can only follow him because he empowers us to do so. With this good news in mind, make every effort to walk in this manner and live a life built on God's wisdom instead of your own. The benefits are sure to be life changing!

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