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Our church is a newer congregation when compared to many other churches in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and held its very first service of worship on the campus of Ouachita Christian School on Sunday morning, September 13, 1992. The name Graceminster is a combination of Westminster and Grace and is the only church with this name in North America. Our congregation is the result of the unifying efforts of the leadership of Westminster Presbyterian Church and Grace Presbyterian Church.

Twenty years after the congregation began, certain tensions began to arise as there was a growing concern with the liberal direction that the PCUSA was heading, Believing that Graceminster was called by God in 1992 to serve Him with Biblical integrity, the leadership of our church began to search for a new denomination with which to unite. This new denomination was the Evangelical Presbyterian Church which Graceminster joined in April of 2012. 

We rejoice over God’s leading of this congregation and believe that the future looks bright. Our rich history has formed a firm and faithful foundation, providing for security and faithfulness needed for the days ahead. History is really HIS story! 

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