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We seek to be a thriving multi-generational community of passionate worshippers who hold fast to the authority of scripture, love God and His church, and strive to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called as we exalt Christ in all that we say and do. 


Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 by boldly proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, and child, baptizing them in the name of the Triune Godhead, and teaching them to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ, so that they may experience the life changing power of the resurrection and walk in newness of life.



We are proud to be members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. This denomination was created in 1980-81 through the prayers of Pastors and Elders who sought to form a church that was committed to the authority of scripture and the historical confessions of the church (Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms), remained true to its distinctly Reformed heritage, and that would exemplify a strong evangelical zeal for the gospel. 

As an evangelical denomination, we take seriously our responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. There are several ways we seek to accomplish this. 

First, we are extremely active in our church planting efforts. As of January 2019, the EPC has more than 40 active church plants across the country. That makes up about 7% of our total number of churches in the denomination. We encourage our congregations to cultivate a church planting culture and to get involved any way they can. 

Second, we are passionate about sending missionaries all over the world. Particularly, we are focused on starting disciple-making movements among least-reached people groups, especially among Muslims. We currently have EPC global workers serving in 5 regions around the world.  

Third, we are committed to church revitalization efforts. It’s no secret that many churches today are struggling, whether that be numerically or financially. The EPC places a great deal of emphasis on church revitalization that is designed  to help congregations develop missional pastors and leaders. It is our heart see these churches be transformed by the life-giving power of the gospel into thriving healthy churches once again. 

As a denomination, we remain committed to the unity of the Christian faith held among our fellow churches. Rather than arguing or quarrelling over certain issues, we commit ourselves to loving and serving one another in the name of Christ. To help facilitate this, we have developed a document called “The Essentials of our Faith” which outlines the absolutes and non-absolutes of our faith. This allows us to maintain unity on the essential issues, while showing liberty over non-essentials.

To learn more about the EPC, click here.

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